Peter Anjos' Garden Trip

December 16, 2015
Peter Anjos attended William M. Davies Technical High School in Lincoln, Rhode Island. He graduated 5th in his class from that school and is today still a resident of the smallest state in the U.S. He enjoys Rhode Island's weird, odd, and strange sights and aims to see as many of them as he can. This is what took him to the Green Animals Topiary Garden, which is one of the few places in the world where one can see a green elephant!

Of course, we are not talking a live elephant that is naturally green. We're talking about imaginative landscaping that shapes certain bushes to look like various animals. This garden was founded long before such things could be seen in television commercials or Steven King's The Shining.

Peter Anjos visited the seven acre Green Gardens because he wanted to see this particular sight, the topiary animals that now populate the gardens. The estate was purchased by Joseph Brayton in 1872 and thereafter he commissioned a well known and respected Portguese gardener named Joseph Carreiro to create an art garden the likes of which the state had never seen before. Today one can still see the garden as Brayton intended for people to see it.